Novo Nordisk - Casual for a Cause

The Casual for a Cause program underscores Novo Nordisk's strong heritage of social responsibility, a key component of our Triple Bottom Line philosophy. It serves as a way to bring Casual Fridays to our workplace while also doing some good, which is a big part of who we are!

Each month, you may donate to our selected community nonprofit in order to make a difference and dress down on Fridays.

What We Have Achieved

Funds Raised

September Charity Spotlight

New Brunswick Tomorrow

This month, the HoLA ERG chose New Brunswick Tomorrow for our cause. NBT was founded on a vision – a vision that serves as a guide post for the city’s revitalization, where all New Brunswick residents have the opportunity for a high quality of life; including but not limited to, education, employment, food, health, housing, and safety.

Casual For A Cause 2019 Nonprofit Partners

Each month, you may make a donation to a special nonprofit as a part of the Casual for a Cause campaign. Other community partners include: